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Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

30 Sep

Save the best for last! After kicking-off in New York and stopping off in London and Milan, Fashion Week has finally arrived in Paris! Where else should the grand finale take place but in the fashion capital of the world.

Featuring ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2011 collections, Fashion Week commenced on Tuesday, September 28, and will continue through Wednesday, October 6.

Choosing a venue is as important as the beautiful creations these designers showcase. Dior chose the Jardin des Tuileries and Chanel the Grand Palais. You better believe I will be at Dior and Chanel attempting to catch a birds-eye view or pretending to be a reporter who lost their press pass. More to follow if I am able to obtain any pictures.

I was lucky enough to score a ticket and a press pass to a show during fashion week. Last night I attended the Damir Doma show at the Galerie de Mineralogie, Museum National D’histoire Naturelle. My fabulous friend Joel was my press. What an incredible experience hob-knobbing with all of the editors, buyers and fashion gurus.

I sat next to an editor from Dazed and Confused, a British fashion magazine. I chuckled to myself thinking I write for Parisgirl my fashion blog.

Damir Doma’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection showcased a chic new wardrobe influenced by a lean silhouette, silks and sulfurous tones. The tops were shown slightly below the bust line. Interesting cutouts and an abstract symmetry were introduced throughout the collection.

The Summer palette drew from the earth. The tones were smoldering in igneous oranges and yellows that cooled to nude and graphite shades. Transparent and opaque mesh was used throughout accentuating a woman’s femininity.

According to Damir Doma, “Uniting a sinuous aesthetic of reverence and sensuality, the collection writes a new chapter in an unfolding story of atemporal balance.”

Stay tuned more to come as fashion week continues…


Ethical Fashion Show – Paris 2010

29 Sep

Sustainability, biodiversity, humanity, fair trading practices, social responsibility and eco-friendly—just a few of the important issues being addressed by the world of Ethical Fashion. Although still a niche market, Ethical Fashion continues to grow and create awareness, while making its stamp in the fashion world.

I had the unique opportunity to attend the Ethical Fashion show on Tuesday, September 29, at the La cité de la mode et du design. The event showcased over 100 designers from around the globe.

The show illuminated the fact that ethical business practices and high quality fashion can coexist. I was truly awe-inspired by not just the stylish/chic garments, but by the incredible story behind each piece and the innovative and eco-conscious ways used to create the garments.

I had the pleasure to speak with several of the designers. It is truly amazing the innovative and creative things they are doing to make fashionable yet eco-friendly clothing. I was amazed by their advocacy and goals to help the environment, create fair working conditions, bring development to poorer communities and empower women all whilst creating beautiful designs.

Nature was quite an inspiration. The avant-garde and ingenious ways used to create a natural yet beautiful garment were truly cutting-edge. Listed below are some examples of the creative, humanizing and enlightening ways designers are making garments:

  • Clothes made from Alpaca and vegetal textiles
  • Purses made from seatbelts and tires
  • Clothes made from pineapple and banana fibers
  • Jeans made from nettle
  • Tagua, a fruit from Ecuador, used to make jewelry (the look resembles ivory)
  • Coco leaves and blue corn used to dye garments
  • Cochenille an insect used to extract color from
  • Dresses made from recycled parachutes


I spoke with Ute Auwarter the designer of UA Natural Designs.  Her clothes were stylish, trendy and chic yet made with all natural fibers. As you can see I am modeling one of her pieces in the following picture. Check out her Web site.


Next, I spoke with Sarah Ratty from CIEL. She has created a modern collection that is both environmentally and ethically produced using 100% Azo free dyes and re-cycled fabrics. Her fabrics were gorgeous and her clothes were hip, stylish and fashionable. She designed a piece for the US-based store Anthropologie, which I think is a fantastic way to get the word out to the mass-market consumer. Check out her Web Site.

Finally, I spoke with Judith Condor-Vidal from TFD (Trading for Development). Judith was a wealth of knowledge. Judith also worked with a larger corporation to create awareness about Ethical Fashion. She worked with Top Shop and created 14 pieces for the large retailer to create awareness about Ethical Fashion.

The Ethical Fashion show illustrated the fact that one can still be fashionable while being socially responsible and making eco-conscious decisions. We as consumers can make a difference and still be stylish, chic and trendy while doing so.

Biennale des Antiquaires XXVème édition

23 Sep

On Tuesday, September 21, I had the pleasure of attending the XXVème édition of Biennale des Antiquaires held at the magnificent and prestigious dome of the Grand Palais.



The exhibition showcased the masterpieces of 80 international galleries, dealers and jewelers.

 Not knowing what to expect, I walked into the dark and covered entrance, where I was transported to a fantasy world. 25 alcoves full of roses guided me toward the center where a rose-lined basin reflected the splendid dome of the Grand Palais. It was absolutely awe-inspiring!

I was immediately drawn to all that glitters. By that I mean the exquisite exhibition by the major jewelry houses. Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, Cartier, Chanel Joaillerie, Dior Joaillerie and Louis Vuitton. Ohh la la!



It was absolutely breathtaking! The gorgeous gems of Paris haute joaillerie, displayed in mini boutiques, for me to walk through at my leisure and drool over…I was in heaven. Among my favorites were Piaget, Chanel, Cartier and Louis Vuitton.








I began at Piaget, which debut their sumptuous cupcake rings to go with their rings that resembled cocktails. My favorite ring, the Mojito ring made from a cushion-cut green tourmaline…don’t forget the lemon, a carved citrine.  Tres Chic!



Cartier consisted of peacocks, flamingos and birds of paradise dazzling the eye with their brilliant hues. A splendid 877 pave diamond peacock spreading its feathers caught my eye for 530,000 Euros. The piece was aptly named Parade. I will be sure and put that on my Christmas list.




Chanel’s featured jewels were dominated by clear white diamonds. The elegant window display showcased the feather-motif pieces from the designer’s 1932 collection. White feathers were the backdrop for these splendid pieces.


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, the new kid on the block this year, focused on the spirit of travel. I was lucky enough to get an in-depth tour and discuss the inspiration behind each piece. A grandiose jewelry travel trunk was created specifically for this event to showcase the stunning creations. My favorite in the trunk, Paris skyline earrings made of pink tourmaline. However first place is awarded to a 30-carat diamond cut in the shape of the Louis Vuitton monogram flower. Incredibly rare and beautiful!

What an incredible experience! I must say, the haute clientele that attended this event was as glamorous as the pieces on display! Only in Paris…

Mes Cheveux

22 Sep


Roots or no roots? Of course  NO roots! It is with great trepidation that I decided to color my hair in Paris. Ok, for the men reading this, I am sure you cannot relate, and are probably wondering what is the big deal? But to all the ladies, you know exactly what I am talking about.

 A new person touching my locks who doesn’t speak English, can you say terrified. I could leave with brassy hair, ashy gray hair or the ultimate mess-up orange roots.

 Not to mention, in Paris, they prefer the balyage technique over the foil technique which is what I am accustom to.

 So, after being hung-up on by two different salons who didn’t find my Franglish (French and English) very amusing I decided to call Toni and Guy. Toni and Guy is a UK-based chain with salons all over the world. I figured they might speak some English.

I asked the receptionist in French if she spoke English and she happily said yes. YAY! I was off to a good start. I made an appointment with the director of color Linda.

Toni and Guy is located on 248 Rue Saint Honore ( They are in the heart of all the cute shops such as Colette, Jet Set and Kuzu.

Linda was lovely, listened to my needs and spoke perfect English. The foils came off and Voila! Blonde hair that I loved!  Surprisingly, I like the color better than what my colorist had done in California.

 I would highly recommend Linda, especially if you are new to Paris, blonde and are not fluent in French. Toni and Guy is the perfect place to go. Check out the results below!


Below are a few key French vocabulary words to use at the hair salon.

English French
Dyed Teints
Highlights Les mèches / le balayage 
Blowdry Le brushing
Bangs La frange
Curly Bouclés
Straight Raides
Wavy Ondulés
Lightened Décolorés

Vogue Fashion Celebration Night in Paris

20 Sep

Paris, the haute couture capital of the world, draws fashionistas from near and far. A self-proclaimed fashionista, on September 7, 2010, I had the rare opportunity to attend the Vogue Fashion Celebration Night on the famous Avenue Montaigne. American Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, launched the original event in New York. French Vogue editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld, also decided to participate the next year. The event promotes fashion and luxury around the globe.

 La Triangle d’Or, or the Golden Triangle, one of the most glamorous and historic areas in Paris came to life on this glorious evening. More than 60 boutiques such as, Chanel, Dior and Nina Ricci celebrated the love of fashion with dj’s, champagne, celebrities and a chicness only found in Paris. On this particular night, the ‘crème de la crème’ of the Parisian fashion world descended upon the streets. Although I didn’t see him, just knowing Karl Lagerfeld was hob-knobbing close to me was thrilling!

 As I meandered through the streets with my best friend Rogena I was in awe and transported into a fantasy world of haute couture, elegance and glamour. Unfortunately, we missed the memo that we needed to look and dress like a super model to attend this glamorous event. We had only found out about the event one day earlier because we purchased the September edition of French Vogue and the invitation was inside. We went to the event straight from school. Note to self, next time—go home, put on my most sophisticated outfit and a pair of Christian Louboutins before attending the event. (Too bad I don’t own a pair; I am going to change that now that I live in Paris).

What a fantastic way to start my first week in Paris, attend an incredible fashion event.

La Maison

14 Sep

The big moment had finally arrived; my dream to live in Paris was coming true. Bonjour Paris! Filled with excitement, apprehension and curiosity I made my way to my new apartment from the airport. After weeks of Internet searching back in California, I had chosen an apartment sight-unseen from a website. On the taxi ride from the airport I was thinking to myself this should be interesting. Who knows what I will be moving in to?

The taxi driver pulled up to a tiny street and I took a deep breathing praying for the best. Drum roll please…as I walked through the very odd entrance way that led to a court-yard, I must admit, I began to get a little nervous. As we approached what might be the most interesting building I have ever seen, I started to panic. Orange stucco accompanied by blue stain glass windows, was I about to enter the popular 70’s night club Studio 54? I took a deep breath, five flights up the dimly lit, small spiral staircase I was thinking California I am coming home.

I finally made it to my apartment, sweaty, nervous and out of breath. The moment of truth, I turned the key and entered. VOILA! To my surprise the apartment was lovely! The apartment was completely remodeled; everything was brand new and updated. It had a darling fire-place, cozy living room and incredible view of The Eiffel tower from the shower. I was amazed at the efficiently of my tiny apartment. My kitchen, the size of a bathroom, had a miniature dishwasher, stove and washing machine all masterfully placed. I loved my new little home. Ahh I didn’t mention the bathroom, which I must save for another post.  There is a story behind that one.

My first day in Paris began with much hesitation and ended with me  in my shower, a glass of wine, watching the amazing view of the Eiffel tower. Clothes on of course, I was standing on my little bench peering out the window.