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14 Sep

The big moment had finally arrived; my dream to live in Paris was coming true. Bonjour Paris! Filled with excitement, apprehension and curiosity I made my way to my new apartment from the airport. After weeks of Internet searching back in California, I had chosen an apartment sight-unseen from a website. On the taxi ride from the airport I was thinking to myself this should be interesting. Who knows what I will be moving in to?

The taxi driver pulled up to a tiny street and I took a deep breathing praying for the best. Drum roll please…as I walked through the very odd entrance way that led to a court-yard, I must admit, I began to get a little nervous. As we approached what might be the most interesting building I have ever seen, I started to panic. Orange stucco accompanied by blue stain glass windows, was I about to enter the popular 70’s night club Studio 54? I took a deep breath, five flights up the dimly lit, small spiral staircase I was thinking California I am coming home.

I finally made it to my apartment, sweaty, nervous and out of breath. The moment of truth, I turned the key and entered. VOILA! To my surprise the apartment was lovely! The apartment was completely remodeled; everything was brand new and updated. It had a darling fire-place, cozy living room and incredible view of The Eiffel tower from the shower. I was amazed at the efficiently of my tiny apartment. My kitchen, the size of a bathroom, had a miniature dishwasher, stove and washing machine all masterfully placed. I loved my new little home. Ahh I didn’t mention the bathroom, which I must save for another post.  There is a story behind that one.

My first day in Paris began with much hesitation and ended with me  in my shower, a glass of wine, watching the amazing view of the Eiffel tower. Clothes on of course, I was standing on my little bench peering out the window.